Southern Akita Rescue Alliance (SARA), a Program of Big River Animal Society

Southern Akita Rescue Alliance (SARA) was formed in 2014 following an influx of pure bred Akitas at Memphis Animal Services, a then high-kill facility. Most ended up on death row since the breed is not widely understood and can appear fractious or unpredictable under stressed conditions. Our Founder and CEO had volunteered and work with the breed through a rescue in Colorado; however, when it became too cost prohibitive to treat and transport from Tennessee to the Mile High State, these magnificent dogs were once more at risk. Although there are various breed specific rescues across the United States, most were still hundreds of miles from Memphis and dealing with rescues in their own communities.

Since it’s inception, SARA has saved over 50 Akitas from certain death and placed each in homes with ideally matched families who provide them with the love and compassion they so deserve. For more information on the Akita breed or to inquire about our Akita orphans, contact Debi Berry at

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Southern Akita Rescue Alliance.

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    Olive Branch, Mississippi 901.491.7474 Southern Akita Rescue Alliance, SARA, is a non-profit rescue and resource organization dedicated to protecting and saving the American Akita. SARA is part of the Big River Animal Society Inc. which is an animal sanctuary and public outreach organization with 501(c)3 status.
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    Please fill out and submit this application and send by: E-mail: If you don't receive a response in 24 hours, please call 901-491-7474
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    Please realize that many of our dogs came to us because they were mismatched with their former owners’ personalities, facilities, and/or lifestyles. For the sake of both the dog and you, we need the following information.
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    If you would like to add more information that you feel would help us find the best dog for you please do so on a separate sheet of paper.
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